UPDATE: December 2020


This is the first major update to this website for a decade. The past twelve months have been a busy time for Michael Stone and his legal team.

In November last year, the CCRC turned down his latest appeal.

In October, he was given space by the Kent and national press to once again protest his innocence. The article reproduced here from October 4, 2020 includes a very minor correction. The name Daley was misspelt once.

Earlier, in January this year, the alleged confession of Levi Bellfield to the Chillenden Murders was given wide publicity. Recently, I have received three phone calls about this and related matters from Stone. My view is that Bellfield is playing mind games with him and with the media. An article related to this has been added.

For clarification, files dated November 6, 2019, January 5, 2020, and October 4, 2020 have been added to the Site Index. I have also added a letter to Stone from his then solicitor Derek Hayward dated October 25, 2004. For what it is worth.

One other point, Damian Daley has a brother named Reuben. This month he was given a thirteen year sentence at Canterbury Crown Court for battering a man up to thirty times with a hammer on February 6. It was said to have been an unprovoked attack. Sweet irony. I have not included a report of that.

Alexander Baron

December 9, 2020

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