UPDATE: December 2008


In June this year, the Michael Stone website was moved temporarily to a free host; the site sponsor and myself had forgotten to renew the domain, and the company wanted to charge him an exorbitant fee to reissue it, or whatever is the technical term. He was having none of it, rightly so, but unfortunately I have since lost contact with him, so on December 3, I bought a new domain, which will hopefully be this site’s home until Stone walks free from the Court Of Appeal.

Very little has happened on the legal front since the last update, that I can mention at any rate, but Stone himself has been in print, and a scan of one of his letters has been added. If the reader detects more than a passing similarity with The Framing Of Michael Stone For The Chillenden Murders, I have already told him that I regard imitation as the sincerest form of flattery.

Alexander Baron

December 8, 2008

Stop press: As of today, December 10, 2008, this site has found a new sponsor, a Brighton-based businessman who like its previous sponsor wishes to remain anonymous, and who likewise knows how bent the law can be. He has agreed to underwrite the cost of hosting the domain for the next three years.

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