This page contains video and audio files concerning the Michael Stone case and related issues.

Heckling the Leveson Inquiry
This is a video of my heckling the Leveson Inquiry on January 9, 2012. The camera does not show me, although I was photographed outside the High Court – massively!

Levi Bellfield v Michael Stone
This is an interesting video; in case you donít recognise the music, it is Gimme Shelter.

Interview with Sture Bergwall
This is an audio file. In Sweden, Sture Bergwal was convicted of eight murders dating from 1994 and 2001 on his own confession. He was cleared in 2013 following a retrial.

Click here for The Chillenden Murders (1) BBC documentary, (archived)
Click here for The Chillenden Murders (2) BBC documentary (archived)

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