A Note On Transcripts


The two transcripts of the evidence of Damian Daley from the trials of Michael Stone are published on this site in full with cross-examination and re-examination. They have been scanned here from Michael Stone’s legal papers. The discerning reader may notice a few (to put it mildly) typographical and other errors. For example, line 18 of page 36 of the transcript of Daley’s evidence in the second trial reads thus:

Q. Do you see in the article about billion dollar /TKPWAOEBGs?

This transcript was printed from a CD, so this rather peculiar error is undoubtedly related to minor software incompatibility. From my own experience though I know that often trial transcripts leave something to be desired. There is no guarantee even that the correct speaker is credited. For example, according to Casetrack, the judgment in one Court of Appeal case – Neutral Citation Number: [2002] EWCA Civ 1877 – was read by Lord Justice Latham; I was present in the courtroom when this judgment was read, and it was read not by Lord Justice Latham but by Mr Justice Collins. This is only a very minor and insignificant point; for a slightly more sinister interpretation of transcription “errors”, the reader is referred in the first instance to a letter by Salaam Blackmore published in the Guardian, January 3, 2001.

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