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2006/11/04 Sat AM 03:07:20 GMT




Michael Stone

Dear Sir,

I am writing to you at the request of Michael Stone, who in currently in Full Sutton Prison near York where he is serving a life sentence for the Chillenden Murders.

I don’t know how familiar you are with the case but you will find considerable information at the website:


On July 9, 1997, the “Times” reported that tests developed specifically for the inquiry were said to “have revealed a DNA profile of the suspected killer from hair found at the murder scene.” Janet Thompson, head of the Forensic Science Service, was said to have been responsible.

There is a quote here: “We have a profile so we have something to compare suspects with.”

When Michael Stone was convicted at both his trials it was conceded there was not a shred of forensic evidence against him, but if the information in the above article is correct, there was some DNA evidence, which does rather suggest that Stone should not be in prison, at least not for these terrible crimes.

Stone’s case is currently before the Criminal Cases Review Commission, and he is anxious that new forensic tests be done, particularly on the lace that was found at the murder scene. Can I ask you to contact either Stone or his solicitor Deborah Bell on 01623 624505?

If you feel there may be a conflict of interest I would stress that the interests of justice are of a somewhat higher priority, especially as the real Chillenden Murderer(s) remain at large.

Yours Sincerely,
A Baron

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