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The documents in this section, although not related to the conviction of Michael Stone, will be of some interest to students re other miscarriages of justice which have resulted primarily or exclusively from confession evidence. I may add more in due course but today, November 16, 2010, I am adding three documents forwarded to me by Professor Greg Hampikian, an internationally renowned scientist, criminologist, expert in forensics and DNA profiling, and an ardent campaigner against miscarriages of justice.

The fourth document, a chapter from a 2006 book edited by Tom Williamson, was forwarded by John Aidiniantz, webmaster of the other Michael Stone site; my thanks both to him and to Professor Saul Kassin, another distinguished academic, and the author of this tract. (There is one tiny error in this essay - at page 224. The Police And Criminal Evidence Act it actually dated 1984; it came into force on January 1, 1986).

Although all these documents relate to American cases, they contain information that will be useful to students of this discipline in Britain, and indeed worldwide. All are in Portable Document Format.

The article on Nix v Williams was added August 24, 2015. This is a very well-known case often alluded to as the Christian Burial Speech.

A critical appraisal of modern police interrogations, by Saul Kassin
Nix v Williams And The Inevitable Discovery Exception..., by T. McInnis
Amicus Brief for Wright v Pennsylvania (2008)
Police-Induced Confessions, Risk Factors, and Recommendations, by Saul Kassin & Others

Briefing Paper For Omar Benguit

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