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This page was last tested on the evening of April 27, 2021, at which time all links were functioning. Because of the transient nature of much of the Internet, neither I nor anyone else can guarantee that all links will be valid indefinitely.

Michael Stone - UK site run by John Aidiniantz
John Aidiniantz    also run by John Aidiniantz, this is a small but excellent legal website; the Webmaster has also taken an interest in the
Omar Benguit website – also run by John Aidiniantz

Alexander Baron’s main website
satpalramisguilty – also run by Alexander Baron

INNOCENT site devoted to alleged miscarriages of justice (archived)
Justice For Police Officer Daniel Faulkner website (archived)
SCANDALS IN JUSTICE MAGAZINE (archived version only)

UK Courts & Tribunals Service website
Crown Prosecution Service website
UK Parliament website
Law Society website


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