Stone Witness Convicted


On April 4, 2004, the newspaper Kent On Sunday reported that Damian Daley had been convicted of possessing heroin with intent to supply. Kent On Sunday is archived on the Web in Portable Document Format.

The full page of the relevant issue was originally published here as a PDF but on February 11, 2024, I replaced it with the JPG image below.

As with all press reports, I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the content; Stone’s age is given in the article as 41; Michael John Stone was born June 7, 1960, so somebody needs to do a little arithmetic.

Daley was subsequently sentenced to four years. A scan of a local newspaper report of the sentencing hearing is included below.

Daley’s conviction does not of course prove that his evidence at Stone’s trials was a tissue of lies, but it does further diminish his credibility, as the Kent On Sunday article points out.

Daley has of course since been convicted of murder.

May 10, 2004, updated June 13, 2004 and February 11, 2024.

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