Michael Stone’s Criminal Record


The links below will take the reader to Michael Stone’s criminal record: all five pages of it! This document was forwarded to the current writer by Stone from his cell in Full Sutton Prison. As far as I am aware, this is complete up until his arrest for the Chillenden murders. Because the copy sent by Stone was a bit scrappy I have used a slightly larger format scan. If desired the reader can resize the actual images (JPGs) using Microsoft Photoeditor, Adobe Photoshop or some similar program. This takes no great technical skill, as evinced by my fairly competent handling of the first two.

Regarding Stone’s criminal record, although it is quite appalling – as the man himself readily admits – and includes serious violence, there is nothing in it to suggest he is a potential sex killer, serial killer, or that he would ever commit murder except perhaps in the context of a botched robbery, in a fight, or from some personal motive such as revenge against a sworn enemy. If Stone had gone into the witness box at his first trial and attacked the integrity of any prosecution witness – including Damien Daley – he could, and would, have been cross-examined on his previous convictions which, whatever their context, would have made as poor an impression on the jury as his actual demurring to give evidence.

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