The following article was written by Michael Stone in HMP Full Sutton; it was forwarded to me by his solicitor, Paul Bacon, in October 2007.

Rather than transcribe and edit it to my usual house style I decided to scan it to allow the reader to get the true flavour of Stone’s. Although when I began my correspondence with him back in 2002, Michael Stone was far from functionally illiterate, his standard of written English was truly appalling.

He may still be a long way short of Oxbridge, but the improvement in his literacy and comprehension over the past couple of years has been striking; it’s almost as though I’m corresponding with a different person.

I offer this essay without critical comment, without any comment at all in fact, save to say that whatever the true facts of the case outlined therein, uncorroborated cell confessions MUST be outlawed if the criminal justice system is not to fall entirely into disrepute.

Alexander Baron
South London

June 19, 2008

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